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World Rock-n-roll Day

World Rock-n-roll Day

There is music that beckons to dance and smile from the very first chords, and this happens to people of different ages and nations. April 13 – a holiday of like-minded people from all over the world, for whom rock’n’roll has become not only music, but style and way of life.

The holiday is celebrated every year on April 13, although the historical event that was the basis for the holiday had happened the day before on April 12, 1954, when an American singer Bill Haley recorded the single “Rock Around The Clock”. It has become a landmark in a new musical direction that quickly overcame the US borders and spread across countries and continents, challenging society and traditions.

Bill Haley & His Comets

Bill Haley & His Comets

Unique rhythmic compositions of Bill Haley, his incendiary temperament and sparkling performances made this music and the dance as well incredibly popular. The dance is visually always associated with youth, lush skirts and shoes-boats on a small heel and, of course, narrow men’s trousers. The couples, dancing “rock and roll” on the stage, demonstrate a fascinating performance, where plastic mastery competes with real sports elements, and in general the dance is a real holiday that will never have the age restrictions.

Rock-n-roll Day

The founder of the style was of course the singer and the guitarist Bill Haley. His cocktail of rhythm and blues, country and street slang had a stunning success. Among the founders of the trend there was also such a legendary person as Elvis Presley, who became the idol of teenagers and youth. His style of dress, manners and movements became an example for imitation.

Today rock music has many directions: from a light dance rock’n’roll to a brutal aggressive grindcore. The lyrics vary from casual and playful to gloomy, deep and philosophical. However, in any variations and sub-styles – rock is alive and will live forever!

Rock-n-roll Day Rock-n-roll Day

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