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Waterfall-restaurant in the Philippines

Are you a fan of the creative recreation, outlandish entertainment, unconventional approach to the usual things? If so, you’ll love dinner on the water! You can visit such an unusual eco-restaurant in the resort of San Pablo in the Philippines.

Hotel Villa Escudero Resort offers you the opportunity to have a dinner right in the immediate vicinity of the water – in the waterfall! You won’t get a table overlooking the beautiful landscape; you will be part of this landscape.

waterfall and restaurant


This waterfall has positively affected the country’s rating in the tourism business. It was designed and made according to the latest technologies. A visit to such a restaurant costs a bit more expensive than dinner in a conventional restaurant on the same level. However, this place is very popular and generally is an accessible pastime. If you do not want to eat, you will certainly come here to see it at least.

The tables are located directly at the source of the waterfall, in the water that flows out of it. The water depth is not more than 20 centimeters, so don’t be afraid to get wet – only feet. If you are adventurous, you are free to book a table on the platform right near the falling water column. Unless you are afraid that the water will be an inherent addition to your breakfast, lunch or dinner – the water flowing under your feet and spatter of the waterfall. If you don’t want to contact with nature so close, you can always take a table nearby. Incidentally, this will be slightly cheaper (and dry feet).


Waterfall-restaurant in the Philippines

In addition to a delicious meal you can dive into a waterfall or lie down next to it in the flowing water. It will be absolutely normal if you take along a swimsuit to the restaurant in order to luxuriate at the foot of the waterfall, relax under the warm sun and see little fishes swimming underneath your feet by the shallow water. Do not worry – the water is clear and warm enough for swimming or staying in it during a meal, without dirt, mud and unpleasant odors.

Unity with nature, excellent national cuisine, as well as numerous other traditional Philippine entertainments which are offered by hotel Villa Escudero Resort won’t leave you indifferent.

Waterfall-restaurant in Philippines


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