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Top Gear without Clarkson

This feeling of despair even reminds the day when Paul Walker crashed in a car accident. Till the last moment I hoped that it was a PR trick. Jeremy was suspended from participation in Top Gear on March 10 and today he is officially fired.

Clarkson didn’t believe in support of the millionth petition and it really didn’t help. “Oh, you can be a big and important plankton but that doesn’t make a jot of difference if a whale has decided to eat you up.” – he said. There cannot be “one rule for one and one rule for another” said BBC director general Tony Hall after the report about assault on producer. So probably BBC is not afraid of the fans anger and millions in losses. Chris Evans, who has one of the most prestigious car collections in UK, will take Jeremy’s place. It is still unclear whether James May and Richard Hammond will stay in the show.

Jeremy Clarkson came into Top Gear in 1988. Since then he has become a symbol of the programme and just a recognised public personality all over the world.

…do you believe that? I still don’t.

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