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The Sumerians. The Sumerian King List


The world is full of unexplainable things, illogical structures and enigmatic artifacts. Strange, but even today, in the era of developed civilization, the era of scientific breakthroughs and opportunities, we can’t explain all the mysteries of our world. I’ve been always interested in such things, tried to watch different TV programs to know new versions when I was little. Since then I ceased to follow it, but still I peer into such themes sometimes.

For a long time the cities, described in the Christian Bible, such as Babylon, Akkad, Erech, were considered to be mythical, because no one could prove their existence. But still all of them were found in the past 120 years. So we can safely assume that most of our contemporary knowledge can be subjected to doubt. Each day the history changes and it can be rewritten at any time.

So I’d like to share some interesting facts of our history with you to rekindle interest a little bit.

The Sumerians is the first thing I would like to recall. According to many versions they are considered to be the progenitors of modern civilization and everything that we see around us began with their occurrence. These people appeared from nowhere in southern Mesopotamia in the middle of the III-rd millennium, but until the middle of the 19th century no one even knew about them.

Meanwhile, the Sumerians have brought into the world the possibility of metal processing, agricultural implements, the wheel and potter’s circle. The Sumerians were the first who invented writing. Later it became known as cuneiform. They were also the first who invented money, taxes, issued laws, conducted social reforms.

On the location of the Sumerian cities archaeologists have found thousands of texts that contain mathematical equations with geometric shapes and illustrations on astronomy. These tablets date back to 1700 B.C. In addition, they widely used phytotherapy, were good at anatomy and chemistry, pharmaceutics. Priests, which versed in astrology and the zodiac circle, created a calendar. That allowed the religious caste to skillfully manipulate the ordinary people. The Sumerian texts contain information about the origin, development and structure of the Solar system. These texts include the list and characteristics of planets. How could they get this knowledge? Where have they gone?

The_Sumerian_Kings_ListMoreover, there are amazing artifacts which tell about the life of the Sumerians. Here is one of them. This artifact reminds me personally one of the stones from the movie “The Fifth Element”. It is known as The Sumerian King List, which has given rise to great deal of controversy. This list was compiled in 1820 B.C. and written on a clay block. Archaeologists have discovered this manuscript during the excavations on the territory of present-day Iraq.

The document describes the creating of cities and dates of the king’s reign from the beginning of the world in different cities of Mesopotamia, before the Flood and after it. The early list tells about eight kings who ruled in total of 241,200 years from the time when the royal power “descended from heaven” and to the time when a wave of “Flood” swept through the land, and once again, “the kingship was descended from heaven” after Flood.

Some kings were fictitious or even legendary, such as Ethan, Lugalbanda and Gilgamesh, and some of them had unimaginably long periods of government.

“After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu. In Eridu, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28,800 years. Alalgar ruled for 36,000 years. Two kings; they ruled for 64,800 years.”

There are various explanations of these terms. There is a version that numbers for the Sumerians were relative values, which reflected the degree of power or the triumph of the importance of a particular reign. As well as years of lives, described in the Bible – depending on the saturation of life, contribution to the development of civilization. There was also a version which admitted that the early kings were really gods. They truly could live much longer than ordinary people.

I prefer to think that there is some truth in it. Everything that seems mystical and inexplicable to us today, tomorrow will be undoubted and indisputable.



  • David

    Why don’t you show an in-depth analysis of the scriptures, from glyph to interpretation? There ought to be something informative about the language. How are we to trust the given interpretation? There’s a big cover up going on regarding human history. I believe the ancient Sumerian kings were the elongated skull Pharonic master species. Neanderthals. Homo Capensis. Elongated skulls of Paracas Peru. Large stone megaliths were human sacrifice mind control temples.

    • Julia

      I’m not a historian, and this is not a scientific work. I just touch upon some interesting for me topics to review. Thank you for your interest.

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