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The Rising Tide

Do you remember those creepy statues forming the underwater museum? Rather frightening spectacle, isn’t it? And now, look at this installation! Do you recognize “hand of the author”? Yes, it’s also Jason deCaires Taylor. And again, it’s a kind of impetus, food for thought. You can’t catch a glimpse of it and not turn your head to see it once again and realize that it is non-living people. Look even more attentively – the famous four horsemen!

The Rising Tide artThis installation is called The Rising Tide. It makes sense since it can be seen only during the tides. The composition is located in London, Thames foreshore at Vauxhall, adjacent to Camelford House, 87-90 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TW. So, these frozen horsemen of the Apocalypse rise above the waters of the River Thames twice a day. This fact doubles the chance that you will have time to catch such a piece of art anyway. Not a bad idea, agree?

In this manner, the author wants to remind the world community, and especially government officials, sitting in the walls of Westminster every day, about the global environmental problem. Probably that is why the figures were installed less than a kilometer from the British Parliament. The topic of climate changes caused by human activity is particularly acute the last years.

So, the author has expressed his indignation by a quite interesting composition – two corpulent men and two children sitting horseback on the heavyweights. The horses symbolize the origins of industrialization. Heads of the animals are replaced by oil pumps – a hint at the impact of fossil fuels on the planet, as well as mutations that occur as a result of environmental change. The men are businessmen who represent the position of power over these resources. Dressed in business suits, with heads held high, officials and oil magnates close eyes to the environmental problems. Two small children are shown as future generations who will have to live and outlive the cruel consequences of overconsumption.

Water also has a special meaning in this installation – the disappearance and appearance of the sculptures out of the water. Water is a problem that every hour is becoming more assertive and urgent, surrounding and drowning the officials. But still they are not willing to pay attention.

Indeed, looking at the four, a lot of nasty thoughts are seeping into my head, and one of them is a terrible fear that people will never stop.

Jason deCaires Taylor

The Rising Tide - Jason deCaires Taylor

The Rising Tide1

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide - child

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