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The Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle

sign-poisonMagnificent roses or delicate tulips are not inherent in this garden. You can’t stroll in this garden, enjoying the aroma of the familiar flowers. You should not relax, but always be on the qui vive. Why then do you need this? Curiosity!

Meet one of the most dangerous gardens in the world – the Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle. It is the second largest garden in the UK, which is located on the territory of the castle Alnwick in the English county of Northumberland. You can walk here only under the watchful eye and only with a guide. You can see the warning sign right from a threshold – the large black gates decorated with skull and crossbones. About a hundred prohibited dangerous plants grow here, such as nightshade and mandrake, hemlock and chilibuha, belladonna and opium poppy, strychnine and hashish. Some plant species are a source of drugs, others – simply dangerous to life and health of human beings, many of which can even kill.

History of numerous gardens and parks of Alnwick starts since 1750. And this garden with the most dangerous plants in the world was created in 2005 when the current Duchess of Northumberland has undertaken renovation and renewal of the local gardens, abandoned during the Second World War. By now everything has been put in perfect order. These places attract many tourists, and largely because of the unusual poisonous garden.

A famous Garden of the Medici, which is located near Padua, in Italy, has served as an example for the creation of such an attraction. Then, similar poisonous plants were grown by the insidious hosts for deliverance from enemies. Initially, the garden of the Duke of Northumberland included not only poisonous species, but some medicinal herbs. However, the poisonous garden wasn’t consonant with the name and was able to undermine the reputation of the famous dangerous place, so these plants have been removed.

Of course, this place doesn’t serve as an intimidation for enemies. The garden is under constant supervision and control. In addition, it serves as a clear illustration of a detailed lecture about the dangers of drugs, which you will definitely hear during the tour. Special tour guides carefully monitor, so that no one could touch the poisonous plants. Some plantations are even fenced by the barbed wire. Everywhere you will see the signs installed to warn of deadly danger.






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