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Tears over Top Gear, again…

Top Gear

So, this is the end. The era of Top Gear is completed. It’s like a finale of your favourite tv show, when it was ended not in the way you would wish. Sadly and unclear… How could it happen? Is it just stupidity? …or maybe theatricalized tragedy (and that is how it looks for the fans) to complete the show logically and this way to make a qualitative PR one more time.. Now the show can┬ábe rebranded or simply billed under another name. The new age.. But it would never be the same.


I wonder, what do James May and Richard Hammond really think about all of this? Their contracts have expired and they refused to prolong them.

There are so many questions.. Most likely that the program has simply outlived its usefulness, but it’s so hard to believe =((

So, let’s see what will happen next!

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