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Singing building in Germany

This remarkable building is not an official tourist attraction of Germany, however, it deserves attention. At least for its unusual appearance.

It is located in Neustadt Kunsthofpassage (Görlitzer Straße 25, 01099 Dresden). Outside, the entire building is covered up by drainpipes, water ebbs and funnels. Exactly this construction creates its distinguishing feature. The fact is that when the rain starts to drip, the whole system produces melodic sounds. I.e. the water flowing down through these “musical instruments”, imitates a whole orchestra, and all these sounds merge into a charming music. The so called music of rain attracts tourists, and eventually, the crowds of people began to gather around the building in the rainy weather.

In fact, the pipes are fastened not randomly. This is a complex thought out system of rainwater drainage, consisting of intricate combinations of tubes and funnels of various shapes, sizes and configurations. Therefore, such an original point of interest is called Funnel Wall.

The pipe system of the turquoise house is an art installation, and is a part of a project called Courtyard of Elements. This is work of a friendly collective – sculptor Annette Paul in collaboration with the designers Christoph Rossner and André Tempel. By the way, they all live in this house.

The idea came after a trip to Russia. There, in St. Petersburg, Annette used to live in the building where the raindrops impressively knocked upon pipes and iron roof.




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