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Salvador Dali


“Vive le surréalisme!”

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol – but world knows him as Salvador Dali and he was daffy a little bit. Or maybe all the surrealist painters are so “peculiar” and bizarre …

What else do we know about him?

Did you know that Dali has designed the logo of Chupa Chups. After the different variations it was Dali who proposed to place the name Chupa Chups inside a chamomile. So, it is to be noted that Dali was a perfect PR manager. Most of his works in this case contained himself as a part of promotion.

Museums of Contemporary Art include his endless self-portraits, but it turned out that it was advertising the new Polaroid camera. His works were always unexpected. Branded “lips” symbolized the announcement of the start of sales of the a lipstick. Often advertised goods of the artist were on the back burner, but his participation in the project was always a guarantee of the consumer’s attention.

He created logos and posters for Eurovision in 1969. He personally starred in commercials and even today he inspires advertisers.

He liked it and was full of ideas. That only is his Aphrodisiac jacket. Salvador invented it, embodied in the life and wore himself, but only “during certain promenades late at night, or in very powerful cars going very slowly (in order not to spill the liquid in the glasses).” The original Aphrodisiac jacket was created in 1936. It is a formal dinner jacket with about eighty glasses of crème de menthe, each of them contains a straw and dead fly. Later, numbered crystal stemware replaced the glasses with liquor. Exactly this variant is depicted in the photo with the author. Today, the photo is stored in the archive of BBC as one of the symbols of the XX century.


Once, Walt Disney proposed Dali to create a cartoon that would be the epitome of Surrealism. Daly gladly agreed because he believed Walt was also a surrealist. In 1945 Salvador and a team of Walt Disney started working on the cartoon which was called “Destino”. Armando Dominguez ballad was the basis for the plot.

But the World War II left its “imprint” on the work of the studio and the project was closed. The cartoon gained his second birth only through more than 50 years. Premiere of “Destino” was held in 2003 thanks to a team of 25 people, as well as records from the diary of Salvador Dali’s wife. The name of the cartoon translated from Italian means destiny, and its destiny was really unusual.

“Destino” was awarded the Grand Prix at the Melbourne Film Festival in the category of short films and was nominated for “Oscar”.

dali-at-the-studioSalvador Dali at work in the Walt Disney Studio, about 1946

The creative collaboration of Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman lasted 30 years. Philippe photographed almost all the celebrities of the twentieth century and was the founder of Surrealism in photography. Their friendship started in 1941.

Dali Atomicus is the most famous photo created by their marvelous tandem. It is an ode to Dali’s famous painting Leda Atomica. Here are: Dali, some furniture and several cats suspended in mid-air while a stream of water flows through the action. This fantastic picture was made in 1948 – much earlier then CGI and Photoshop appeared. The uniqueness of the photo is in that it was created without any mounting and tricks, it is an achievement of meticulous settings, laborious preparation, numerous attempts and incredible patience of the authors. 28 takes, 6 hours of shooting, 28 buckets of splashed out water, 28 times abandoned cats – and here is a photo!


Dali Atomicus, 1948, New York


The great Master of Surrealism died in 1989, but his influence on art can be still felt everywhere. And nowadays there are films, books, exhibitions, photo shoots devoted to Dali (Vogue Paris, issued in March 2011, published a photo shoot of Mikael Jansson where we can find the echoes of the Great Surrealist).


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