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New Speedster “Bugnaughty”


Designed in the classic style of cars of the 1930s, this Speedster impresses with its refinement and elegance. It combines the pieces of such legends as Figoni & Falaschi Type 135 Delahaye, Auburn Boat-tail Speedster and Type 57S Bugatti. Eternal styling and forms of the most beautiful cars in the world were assembled into a single organism and got the name of Bugnaughty. The release of this new model is launched under the auspices of the American company Delahaye USA.


Steel frame, closed by the body panels made of metal, is the basis of the structure. The length of wheelbase amounts 3225 mm (this is much more than any other car has). The latest models of Ford served as the prototype for engine, suspension and brakes of Bugnaughty.

This “baby” is equipped with the engine capacity of 4.9 liter and automatic transmission. It should give acceleration to 100 km / h in a matter of seconds; however, the manufacturer is not ready to disclose the secrets of dynamic characteristics. The hood certainly opens sideways, like the models of the last century.


The interior of Bugnaughty looks as gorgeous as the body! It is trimmed with natural leather and chrome. This is a two-seater vehicle. It has no central console – all the necessary devices are arranged in the front panel bloc.

Of course this is not a serial car and it will be produced to order. If you are a fan of such an exotic automobile, be ready to part with about 300 000 dollars.


Terry Cook, the former automotive journalist, began to create his own car designs in the early 1990s. He founded the company “Delahaye USA”, which was named in honor of Emile Delahaye, who in 1894 has launched the first firm Delahaye Automobiles. The company Delahaye USA presents two more models: speedster Bugnotti (medley of sought after styles, recombined to realize a timeless classic that never was) ¬†and coupe Pacific (re-interpretation of Ralph Lauren’s famed 1937 Type 57S Bugatti* Atlantic). Both models were also based on the classic retro vehicles.


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