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New Emotional Poster ‘Fast & Furious 8’ From Vin Diesel

Fast 8

The eighth part of our favorite action film will be the first one in a final trilogy of films about the famous TV racers. Felix Gary Gray became a director of “Fast & Furious 8” which will be released April 14, 2017.

The main locations of the film are New York, Cuba and snowy Iceland. The creators plan to please fans by an incredible action and to implement the biggest explosion in history of the country and the franchise exactly in Iceland. Shooting of this part of the film starts in April in the town of Akranes. The director promised to surprise us and make it different from the previous parts of “Fast & Furious”. He added that he was already delighted with the future work.

“Fast 8” will become the first one without Brian O’Conner, the character of Paul Walker (there will be no special technologies on this subject, and Cody Walker won’t join the cast either).

Vin Diesel has shared a new promo poster of the 8-th part of the franchise on his personal Facebook page – Furious 8 “New roads ahead”. It is worth noting that officially the part was titled “Fast 8”, so this is an unofficial poster.

The actor posed alone, emphasizing the absence of his colleague.


I clearly remember the day when Paul Walker died in a high-speed crash in November 2013. This feeling is hard to explain. I wasn’t a fan of this actor, but felt the wrenching pain in my heart from the fact that such a person was gone. It is intolerable to think how close people were going through the tragedy. Of course, people die every day, everyone has own history. But when a man is known to the whole world, the whole world mourns.

Time is a great healer. However, when it comes to people whom we have lost, the pain comes back without any reminders.




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