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Mysticism of the Third Reich. The Thule


The Thule-Gesellschaft – Thule Society – was founded August 17, 1918 by Rudolf von Sebottendorff. He was interested and well studied in occultism, Islamic mysticism, alchemy, Rosicrucianism and much more. There is a belief that Adolf Hitler was a member of the “Thule” Society. Even if he wasn’t, he was definitely involved in the activities of this community.

The original name was “Study Group for German Antiquity”. The main idea of the society was the origin of the “Aryan race”. The famous German swastika was originally taken from the ideology of the Thule Society – the right-handed gammadion cross was its symbol.

The name “Thule” comes from the legendary island in the north of Europe, which was described by the Greek traveler Pytheas, who discovered it in the IV century BC. The members of the society believed that “Aryans” were the superior race, had supreme knowledge and existed in prehistoric times on the legendary continent of Atlantis. According to the legend, the inhabitants of Thule were the descendants of Aryans who survived after the destruction of Atlantis. They were about four-meter height, white blue-eyed blondes. These super humans were very advanced technologically and flew on the devices similar to UFO. This society had a belief that the ancient German culture had special science knowledge and magical skills that allowed considering it as a leading race.

The followers of the Thule ideology believed that the gates of the mysterious world were located somewhere in the lands of the Himalayas. This underworld was called Agharta, its capital – Shamballa. It was hidden under the ground and that was where the dominant race of superior beings lived. Moreover, these people could be descendants of the inhabitants of the lost Atlantis. Studies have proved that the enormous underground tunnels and entire cities could exist here and it was enough for the members of the Thule Society to begin their search. The aim of the expedition was to get in touch and join later the underground race. In addition, there were other expeditions to the Andes, the Matto Grosso Mountain in the north and Santa Catarina in southern Brazil, Czechoslovakia and parts of England.

This mystical quest began in 1918, while Hitler just became interested in the occult. Shortly thereafter, Hitler becomes the agitator from the Thule Society, The German Workers’ Party (archetype of the National Socialist Workers’ Party). This event contributed to the fact that the young Adolf studied the theory and ideology of the Thule.

Thule has strongly influenced Hitler. The gesture, by which the Nazis greeted each other – throwing up the right hand, was named Deutscher Grub (German greeting). The roots of this gesture are occult. The structure of the special division of the Third Reich SS was more than just a police organization. It was a complete secret order.

A group called “Black Sun” was a “society in society” and was considered as the elite of the Third Reich. This group, along with representatives of the Thule Society, has been searching for the entrance to the underground city. Before that, there were many other enclosed structures such as “Brothers of Light”, which was later renamed as the “Vril Society”. Then, new organizations were formed within it – “Lords of Black Stone” and “The Black Knights”. All these organizations were the practical realization of the esoteric and occult beliefs and ideas of the Thule Society.


“Black Sun” emblem

In the years 1918-1925 in spite of the interests of the founder there were held only two lectures on the occult. The rest concerned the megaliths, the ancestral home of the Teutons, folklore, Jewish, Zionism and various political issues. After 1925 the activity of the society becomes insignificant. All theoretical and practical construction of the Third Reich was initiated and controlled by the Thule Society. It still exists in the form of their successors.

Later, in 1935, there was founded a more mystical order called “Ahnenerbe.”

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