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Mysticism of the Third Reich. Ahnenerbe

It is believed that the German secret societies influenced the creation of the Nazi state. They say Adolf Hitler was a member of the “Thule” Society, and such a secret organization as “Ahnenerbe” was created with the personal involvement of the founder of National Socialism. Lots of mystical stories are associated with these organizations.

The Ahnenerbe was a secret scientific society in the Third Reich, which is still not fully explored. It was dedicated to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan Race. German word “Ahnenerbe” means something like “inherited from the forefathers”. This institution was founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler. The Ahnenerbe conducted experiments, historical, anthropological, archaeological research and launched expeditions to prove that Aryan Nordic populations had once ruled the world. First, the group was called “Study Society for Primordial Intellectual history, German Ancestral Heritage”, but it was renamed in 1937 as “Research and Teaching Community of the Ancestral Heritage”. The occult-ideological work of the society has always been a topic of great interest for historians.


German scientific expedition. May 1938 – August 1939

The members of society were looking for traces of the existence the lost civilizations in the most remote corners of the world. They’ve made several trips to Tibet and Antarctica. One of such expeditions was launched in 1938. Ernst Schaefer – German zoologist, ornithologist, Tibetologist, SS Sturmbannführer, managing employee of Ahnenerbe – headed the ride. In addition to the racial studies and the establishment of diplomatic contacts, the aim of the expedition was a search of the mysterious Shambhala.

Kvotuhtu, regent of Tibet, officially invited Germans to Lhasa. The communication between Lhasa, which was successfully reached by the group, and Berlin was well organized.  The expedition had been in Tibet for more than two months and visited the holy place of Tibet – Yarling.


It should be noted that there was a film saved after the expedition which reflected the variety of rituals and magical practices. The gurus caused different evil spirits, mediums went into a trance, the Bon monks made hysterical dancing. Thus, the Germans were not so much interested in Buddhism as in the religion of Bon, which practiced in Tibet before the Buddhism.


In the 20 years there lived a Tibetan lama in Berlin. He was known due to the fact that he used to wear green gloves as a sign of belonging to society of “green brothers” which was akin to the Thule Society. Three times “green” guy guessed the number of the Nazis, who could win in the Reichstag elections. Since 1926, Tibetan colonies started to appear in Berlin and Munich. Many Tibetans became the staff members – astrologers, clairvoyants and soothsayers under fascism.

Terrestrial goals didn’t attract Tibetans. The purpose of various expeditions of England or USSR was the government tasks, but the aim of the Germans was a change of world domination, the restructuring of the world. They were passionate about the ideas based on racial grounds, the idea of the superman.

Why did the lords of Tibet give them a warm welcome and assistance? They also shared their knowledge and technical development, of which the people of that time couldn’t have even a notion.


There is a belief that the interest of the Germans to Antarctica was no less strong and a secret base of Ahnenerbe was located right there. Occultists and esotericists believed that there was an anomalous zone. They say that during the American expedition to Antarctica, in order to find German technical development of weapons, the members have found strange disc-shaped aerial vehicles. They were capable to reach an incredible speed in a few seconds and could rise on the height of thousands of kilometers. It is still unknown whether it was truth.

But not everything was so civilized. To conduct the scientific research, “Ahnenerbe” has attracted the best scientists from around the world. The basic scientific program of the society was to study the effects of various poisons, the impact of high and low temperatures, pain thresholds. In addition, they investigated the possibility of mass psychological and psychotropic impacts, worked on creating superweapon.

“Ahnenerbe” Society worked in the following directions: the creation of a superman, medicine, the development of new non-standard weapons (mass destruction, nuclear), the possibility of religious and mystical practices and the possibility of relations with alien highly developed civilizations.

In spite of the top secrecy of the society, special development and faith in the power of the Aryan spirit, the Third Reich was defeated and the leading ideologists of “Ahnenerbe” were convicted as war criminals during the Nuremberg Trials.

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