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Life without Top Gear


The famous trio of the TV presenters successfully travels around the world with a new show Clarkson, Hammond and May Live. Spectacular stunts on luxury supercars, explosions of pyrotechnics and, of course, special British humor and jokes are perfectly accepted by the public. In addition, two movies were created especially for the show. The first of them shows the favorite British in the images of detectives from the 70s, and the second represents Clarkson, Hammond and May trying to shoot the car test drive. Also, it was very touching when one of the clips showed a reunion with one of the best friends of the trio, Ben Collins, worldwide known under the name of Stig.

Moreover, the British media reported that Clarkson and his former colleagues can start new car show “House of Cars”. One of the highest paid TV presenters in the world admits that his dismissal from the BBC was his own “stupid mistake”. Rave reviews, words of approval for the new performances and far-reaching plans smooth the impression of the recent events. This is a new page of their life in the world of show business.


But the BBC starts to worry about quitting May and Hammond, and offers them a salary of 1 million pounds ($ 1.53 million) per year. Thus, if they agree to take part in another two or three seasons, they can expect for a combined salary package in the amount of 4.6 million pounds. The BBC is ready to spend almost £ 5 million for the return of Hammond and May in order to save the project Top Gear, which by the way used to bring the income of 50 million pounds per year. At the same time, the corporation will not hire a third constant leading instead of Clarkson. It is assumed that in addition to May and Hammond there will be replaceable TV presenters – special guests from among the leading celebrities, who will be invited and varied from episode to episode.

Let’s see what will happen next…

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