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Ice Cream Day

Such days like today make me grow fond of winter again (which I love solely because of New Year’s holidays). Summer, heat of the sun, unbearable swelter and stuffiness! I love summer and always look forward to it. But it is not always as enjoyable as we imagine. It is best to spend summer in the country house or somewhere on the sea resorts. But if the vacation is not soon, or is not expected at all … What could please us in the sizzling hot city except the air conditioner?



In 1984 President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month, having underlined its “nutritious and healthy” properties as food. So, since then, the third Sunday of the month is considered to be National Ice Cream Day. Mr. Reagan declared that all true patriots had to celebrate the holiday with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Are you a patriot? Well, I think we are all patriots when the thermometer shows +40! By the way, they say, George Washington liked to eat this dessert in large quantities. Napoleon was so fond of this delicacy that even in exile on the island he had a machine for making ice cream.

In this regard, here are some more interesting facts about ice cream.

When it was invented? There is a legend about the Roman emperor Nero, who used his servants to collect ice and snow for the preparation of flavored ice. We can assume that it was the ancestor of ice cream in the first century.

In America, the first ice cream parlor appeared in New York in 1776.

Hand-cranked freezer, allowing Americans to make ice cream at home, was invented in 1845.

About 10 percent of all the milk produced in the United States is used to produce ice cream. This fact significantly contributes to the positive state of the nation’s dairy industry.

Americans consume ice cream more than anyone in the world. In 1924, America has eaten 8 pints in a year.

Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream in the United States, and takes from 20 to 29 percent of sales. Chocolate is on second place with a score of 9 to 10 percent of the market.

An interesting fact is that the ice cream needs air – it protects the product from freezing up to too solid state.

Among the most unusual ice cream flavors ever made in the world we can distinguish such preposterous options as: garlic, adzuki beans, jalapenos and pumpkin. It should be noted the weirdest ice cream flavor – the taste of pickle with dill. Do you think no one bought it? Far from it! It was a choice of pregnant women! To tell the truth, the sales were still disappointing.

The greatest diversity of species of ice cream can be found in the Venezuelan cafe Coromoto – more than 700 types. Here you can buy ice cream with onions, tuna fish, beer, carrots, pork cracklings, spaghetti, tomatoes, prawns, garlic and chili.

The most expensive ice cream is served in restaurant “Serendipity” in New York. It is filled with Madagascar vanilla. The desert is covered by an edible gold leaf (5 grams of 23-carat gold) and the most expensive chocolate in the world. This culinary artwork is cooked from 28-cocoa varieties. As a side dish, you will be offered golden dragees, marzipan cherries, truffles and exotic fruits imported from Paris. Such truly an exclusive ice cream should be eaten by a gold spoon decorated with diamond ornaments, which is served with the dessert. (Of course, the client can take it home.) The dessert entitled as «Frozen Haute Chocolate» will cost you 25 000 dollars. Guinness World Records has officially recognized this delicacy the most expensive on earth.

Throughout the world, the ice cream is sold every three seconds.

Don’t hesitate! I feel that you need a portion of ice cream right now! Go go go!!!

Would You Pay $816 for Ice-Cream Scoop?

«Frozen Haute Chocolate»






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