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Horizons. New Zealand

This huge twisted sheet of paper or cloth, floating in the air, is a perfect example of optical illusion – interesting and popular recent trend in art. Such an amazing sculpture is called «Horizons». The massive monument of steel, soars up to 15 meters, and extends in length by 36 meters. Looking at it from the side, it is hard to believe that it’s not montage – such a craftsmanship!

This masterpiece of modern art is located in New Zealand, in the private park «The farm», also known as Gibbs Farm, in honor of the owner Alan Gibbs – New Zealand businessman, entrepreneur and art collector. The park covers an area of slightly more than 4 square kilometers. Mr. Gibbs has purchased this territory in 1991 and turned it into one of the main attractions of New Zealand, where he gathered the best works of the great sculptors. The author of the sculpture, Neil Dawson has created this construction in 1994 for the collector, which took the place of honor at the top of the hill, which serves as a pedestal for it. The author made extensive use of the landscape to create a three-dimensional picture. In fact, Neil Dawson is a famed master of his craft; his works, often made from aluminum and stainless steel, are exhibited in the famous art galleries and museums. His best-known masterpieces include The Chalice (Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand), Ferns, (a sphere above Wellington’s Civic Square, New Zealand), Globe (the Pompidou Centre, Paris), and Canopy (Brisbane’s Queensland Art Gallery,  Queensland, Australia).

The transparency of the monument makes it particularly unusual. It seems fragile, as we see only the outline. It gets color depending on the weather and time of day. And the clouds give a special mood to the installation, different each time. But in fact, it’s just a metal frame, and the effect of shading is achieved by a kind of such a technology as intersecting metal strips.

Unfortunately, access to the park is restricted, as it is private. However, you can still get here by appointment.

Sculpture horizons



Horizons. New Zealand

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