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Glass pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle

Do you concede the existence of the civilization of Atlanteans, who lived on the legendary ancient island of Atlantis? Or maybe you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life? If not, try to find another explanation for this finding, because it is quite difficult to find a scientific logical justification for this thing. The find has been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean near the southeast coast of the United States, in the place where the famous Bermuda Triangle is located.

Bermuda Triangle

The tops of the triangle lie on such islands like Bermuda, Miami and San Juan. This is an area of 925 thousand square kilometers of the seabed. Somewhere about the center of the triangle there were found giant pyramids, as well as sculptures and constructions of the unknown purpose. Canadian researchers oceanologists Paul Vayntsveyg and his wife Paulina Zelitskaya, born in Russia, working on behalf of the company Advanced Digital Communication, have discovered an entire underwater city at a depth of about 700 meters – four pyramids, streets, squares, a monument resembling the Sphinx, the walls with some kind of inscriptions. Thus, looking for the sunken Spanish ships with treasures, they managed to find something more interesting.

“We don’t know what it is, but we don’t believe that nature is able to produce structures with symmetrical architecture”, – claimed the researchers.

Photo, made by an underwater robot

Photo, made by an underwater robot

However, the city wasn’t opened immediately. In 1977, echo sounders of the fishing vessel found an elevation at the ocean floor near Bermuda. Then, a specially organized expedition of Charles Berlitz, known for his books on paranormal phenomena, has discovered a pyramid at that place. In 1991, oceanologist Dr. Verlag Meyer using sonars have found some strange structures – two giant pyramids, larger than the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. It is believed that the Americans had discovered the underwater city as far back as 1960, during the Cuban missile crisis, but then the object was supposedly closed for the inspection, taking a find under control. However, so far there is no evidence that these structures are the same pyramids.

Underwater city. Computer graphics

Underwater city. Computer graphics

The terraforming of the Cuban underwater pyramids says that once this place was huge megalopolis, which was ostensibly destroyed by the rising sea level and catastrophic earthquakes. These facts correspond to the legend of Atlantis. However, the approximate age of the pyramids, which has been defined by Dr. Meyer, is just 500 years. While the existence of Atlantis refers to about 9500 BC. He claimed, and the Canadian researchers have confirmed, that the pyramids were made by an unknown technology for the mankind. The material, from which they were created, in all respects is similar to the smooth polished ceramic or thick glass. Unfortunately, there are no clear pictures – confirmations.

During his press conference in Bahamas Dr. Meyer gave a report of his researches, maps with the exact coordinates of the pyramids and graphics. By the way, the Canadians, spouses Paul and Paulina, also don’t hide the coordinates of the underwater city. After all, technology is not standing still. So, let’s hope, sooner or later we will know the truth.

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