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Giant serpent skeleton. Loire River. France


The banks of the river Loire do not differ from the other coasts of France. But it is only at high tide, and during the low tide you will definitely get goose bumps when seeing the opening picture! Incredibly huge skeleton of a water serpent, with length of 130 meters, will make you jittery for a few seconds. That is how, by its grandeur and fantasticality, this skeleton has been amazing tourists since 2012.

The terrifying serpent was created by the French artist of Chinese descent Huang Yong Ping, known for his works in the genre of contemporary art, exactly for this very purpose – to attract crowds of the inquisitive tourists to this coast. The skeleton is located in the place where the river empties into the Bay of Biscay, near the city of Nantes, close to the bridge Saint-Nazaire. This amazing sculpture was installed as a part of the festival of contemporary street art «Estuaire». Creation of a non-existent creature has caused a number of difficulties, however, the artist has found a solution. The spine was “borrowed” from the usual snake, and skull of the dog served as a model for a muzzle of the sea monster. Thus, Huang Yong Ping gave life to the aluminum giant attraction.

The appearance of the sea monsters goes far to the origins of ancient Chinese mythology. According to the legends, in the former times, such huge snakes not only existed, but were a fairly commonplace. Of course, the giant snake in the waters of Loire is different from the legendary prototypes, but it deservedly attracts attention. From afar it seems that you see the remains of a prehistoric reptile, and its jaw, frozen in the latter lifeless roar terrifies the passing onlookers.

The artist often affects the environmental problems, the relationship between man and nature. And this sinister snake will eventually be captured by nature. Weeds and algae will absorb its aluminum skeleton; it will be home to a variety of shellfish.






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  • Ellen Elizan

    I didn’t even know about this until last night, I had a dream about a giant serpent in a river in France. I almost throw up when I googled it and found this describing exactly what was on my dream. Though in my dream last night, I didn’t dream of the skeleton of the serpent but dreamt about the real serpent, and the serpent’s color was black or really dark brown. But there was two of them. Soooo weird. I have no idea why I dreamt of it. I’m a clairvoyant though and my friends and myself believe I can connect to the other dimensions and I have numerous proofs with numerous witnesses

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