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Floating Flower Garden

flower installationTeamLab and art-group Toshiyuki Inoko have shown to the world their new “manifestation of imagination” – an incredible installation titled Floating Flower Garden. This unusual exhibition takes place in the National Museum of Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan.

The exhibition is an interactive art installation with alive flowers. Just imagine a room filled with 2300 different natural flowers! You enter this room full of floating plants, and immerse into the world of wonderful flowers, become a part of the magic garden. You may ask – where is the magic? Come closer! As soon as a person approaches, the flowers rise in the air. Thus, the garden creates a hemispherical space around you. All the flowers are suspended manually. The authors explain the concept of this installation as a creation of space indoors, imitating a kind of an air bubble inside the dense forest.

In general, one can say that they succeeded. The visitors note that acquire a very special impression being inside surrounded by the magical flowers that react to any human movement. Thus, according to the idea of the creators, a person feels the unity with a blooming garden. Many visitors, sharing their impressions after seeing, talk about it as a new exciting experience that previously was not possible to feel.

The flowers are growing with each passing day. To tell the truth, I still don’t understand how it works and the plants don’t die – we can see their roots in the air. The air in its turn is impregnated with fabulous floral scent! It becomes stronger because of the insect – a partner of each flower. It happens when the insect is most active. Thus, the aroma in the garden changes according to the time of day (morning, noon and evening).

The project has gained high popularity among the visitors. For organizers it was unexpected, as they planned to open the exhibition only for 1 day. However, it was decided to prolong the work of the blossoming room till 10 May.


alive flowers

Flower Garden

Floating Flower Garden

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