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Find 10 differences. Reese Witherspoon and her daughter

Fans of cutie Reese can’t stop admiring the new photograph! Hollywood actress has shared another photo with her Instagram subscribers. It is a picture with her eldest child from the marriage to actor ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. And a nice signature alongside: “Mother daughter time.” Just have a look – Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillippe are like two drops of water! Big blue eyes, full-lipped smiles, blonde hair – they can easily be mistaken for sisters!

Reese Witherspoon and her daughter

Ava began to go out with her famous mom quite often. The girl has inherited traits of mother’s face, which can make a beneficial impact if she wants to follow in her footsteps speaking of career.

Although they say that she is very close with her father. Despite the fact that the girl lives with her mother, she often spends time with Ryan. Ava calls her dad as “the most artistic, intelligent, versatile, and all-around awesome guy in my life”. Walking together, even their style in clothes is similar. Like Ryan, Ava loves to wear comfortable T-shirts with prints, jeans, sneakers and rough boots.

Ryan Phillippe

Once Ryan Phillippe has shared his idea of his daughter’s name:

“My daughter’s name is Ava, like Ava Gardner, because to me she was the only woman who could break Sinatra. So the idea of that name to me is very classy and strong.”

I can not classify myself to the multimillion army of fans of Reese or Ryan, and have watched just a couple of movies with their participation. But still, it is so cute, isn’t it?

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