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Fans didn’t recognize Pamela Anderson

Recently, favorite Baywatch, sex symbol and just super blonde Pamela Anderson shocked her fans, but, to be precise – at first, they simply didn’t recognize her! Her appearance has changed so much that she herself, suspecting such a reaction, decided to wear a dress with incredible decollete to hint that it’s all the same she – Pamela!

The fans certainly noted that she looked noticeably younger,

but her face has changed almost beyond recognition.

Pamela Anderson new look

49-year-old Pamela Anderson came to a secular event, 40th Best Award Gala, at the George V hotel in Paris in a dress with an expressive neckline, highlighting her famous bust, which has appeared on the cover of the legendary men’s magazine Playboy 13 times. It was the dress in vintage style with a corsage and a wide skirt. The top of her dress barely covered magnificent forms, which attracted the glances.


Pamela Anderson    Pamela Anderson   


Pamela Anderson    Pamela Anderson   

The enviers suggested that the actress has gone through a series of plastic surgeries: the botox injections, a circular skin tightening and the fillers in the cheeks. Besides, she has changed the entire look – beautifully coiffed hair instead of aggressive bouffant, a natural soft beige shade instead of bright blonde; super minimal light make-up instead of smokey eyes.

In general, we see a completely different person – but still totally beautiful. People jokingly said that if the presenter host hadn’t presented Pamela, she would have remained unrecognized!

To tell the truth, she looks more amazing than ever. Natural style comes back and it’s great!

Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson, in recent years, is not interested in filming, so there was no much need to resort to special surgery. Canadian American actress and legendary model devotes all time to her sons Brandon and Dylan.

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