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100-year anniversary of BMW

In March 2016, the German car company BMW celebrates its 100-year anniversary. The official date of the foundation of this Bavarian company is considered to be March 7, 1916, when it was entered in the commercial register.

The company Mercedes-Benz congratulated its eternal rival in its own way and has released a special advertising in honor of BMW.


The automaker itself has celebrated the significant centennial by a release of “alive” concept BMW Vision Next 100 thereby emphasizing the power and possibilities of new technologies.

“Our goal was to create a very personal vehicle. There will always be that highly emotional Connection between a BMW and its driver.” – Head of BMW automobile design Karim Habib.

The concept car which “looks ahead to its plans for the 22nd century” defies the imagination. The car is a set of plans that the company is going to implement in the coming years. The presented prototype became a concentration of the latest automotive innovations.


Manufacturers note the importance of the combination of “car autopilot” and “emotional connection” between the driver and the vehicle. Thus, despite the integration of numerous advanced technologies, the new car is still under full control of the man, which may transfer control, if sees fit. “Artificial Intelligence”, which will be embedded in all future BMW cars will be able to give advice and tips to achieve maximum efficiency and safety while driving.

In addition to the set of unimaginable techniques, the vehicle includes such a principle as «Alive Geometry». It is a complex of computer and interface systems facilitating the driving. By activating the autopilot, BMW Vision Next 100 will rebuild the interior so that the driver and the passengers could feel comfortably (remove the steering wheel and all the other control devices to achieve maximum comfort, change the shape of the car body for optimal aerodynamics). All the control panels will become holographic, and will be displayed on the windshield with the possibility of location in accordance with the convenience of the driver.

Car presentation took place under the slogan “The Next 100 Years.” During 2016 this novelty will visit the exhibitions of a quantity of countries, including the UK, France, USA, China and Japan.

BMW Vision Next 100


BMW Vision Next 100 inside

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